off. away. again.

Namaste blog tribe

IMG_5423I spent the weekend in the woods, pondering words and playing with puppies. It’s already, remarkably, time to go to Bermuda again with work – so off I go.

As soon as I get back, I’m all about time off. I think I’m just going to take the first two weeks of September off.

I’ve been pondering some type of new blog project that I shall bring forward in the coming days. I’m thinking along the lines of the serialized piece that was inspired by the work of Jessica Tremp. I’m contemplating what art collection to turn to in this instance… I’ll probably have a better idea once I get back from Bermuda.

Another thing I’m off are crappy relationships. Lovers, siblings, whatever. If the relationship is toxic, I’m going to hide from it. I have this habit of staying around or near toxic things because I feel like if I blast them full of love then something can be saved or repaired.

I’ve learned that this is an impossible task. If someone wants to hurt you, unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much kindness you reflect back. I mean, karmically it gets you points – but in live Earth time, it’s not really worth it.

So up, up and away… if I don’t get to check in while I’m in Bermuda… I hope you all have a wonderful week. x

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