on a scale of one to no idea…

I have no idea what’s occurring at the moment blog family.

More action’s been happening for me to keep track of. Over the past few weeks I’ve been handed pouches of herbs for protection; booked various airfares that hopefully one day land somewhere to suit; and have found myself jobless once again which is partially because I have no idea what part of the world my actual residence is at the moment and partially because as much as I can go in and play grown up games for dollar exchange – it wears on me in quick and in quiet ways.

And there’s some other top secret shit going down that’s just too human for the realms of this electronic wonderland that continues to unravel into what I’m still not quite sure yet…

I got really upset this morning and wrote a poem, it made me feel better for five minutes.

Lately those small segments of peace are the only thing that’s balancing the rest of the other bullshit bombs consistently erupting around me.

However something tells me, it won’t be for much longer.


I prefer not to be
Hit with your fake smacks
Dodging what you can’t take back.
Like when someone pays attention
At all the wrong times.
I do not need
Hot air filled lungs thinking they’re above
The black I’ve been storing inside.
I should have thought by now.
You never bothered
Considering the whats and whys of anything
My step is stronger and faster.
And you’ll notice
Behind a slammed door
There were more chances
I can count.
For you
To be

2 thoughts on “on a scale of one to no idea…

    1. hahhahaha!!! it’s so hush… i probably shouldn’t splatter my page with poetry about it… oh wait… hahaha!!! 😉

      you know… i think i’ve suddenly seen the light too.

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