travel babbles

I like traveling… moving around. And I prefer to leave automobiles out of the picture. Living in New York City set my no-car lifestyle. Although I do have vehicle access… I try to avoid it.

Especially since I tend to live in cities…

Tonight my plan is to wander down the street to catch a train… to take me to another train… to bring me to an airplane… that will land near a bus… which I will ride into the city of Melbourne prior to catching a tram to the new residence.

Oh and I have a job interview on Monday…. it’s a job where I’ll get paid to increase awareness about public transportation choices and new infrastructure… which seems to align with my ‘cars suck’ theory… so hopefully all goes well.

Something to tide the world over while a publisher with lots of money trips over my poetry and says ‘I will give you five dollars for every one million your inky soul delivers’… I think I could settle for that sort of arrangement.

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