Whenever I visit New York City and dip back to Australia, I always seem to slump to rock bottom again. And when this happens, I lose sight of what I’ve been working toward…

a word-like gig to fund shelter where i fit in.

I am focussed to a degree of solitary confinement at the moment. I drank champagne with Chris tonight and raised glasses, “To being so close!”

I have a second discussion this Friday. Round two of attempting to show what I’ve got to New York City.

Book continues booking. I am constantly raising how relaxed I feel. How tense I clearly was leading up to this voyage. Regardless of the motions we tread to make way, I believe the maintenance of our personal well being must always take lead. Pay attention to what you eat, listen to what your body tells you.

I’m feeling steady leading up to my upcoming appointment. I almost forget other times when I’ve come close and been cut off, because sooner or later, I have to get a chance.

Two more days of the work week… two more appointments to go…