one fish, two fish, red fish… Bananafish!!

Dear Blog Family

Hardcore cult supporters and a handful of new recruits are already familiar with Bananafish Magazine. You know they publish fiction and memoir of Writers I immediately end up crushing on… you know they were the very first place where the Editor sent amazing feedback along with my initial rejection… and you are likely aware that they were the first place to publish me… after breaking my thirty-one year phobia of submitting words for anyone to consider.

When the opportunity to hook up with the good people of Bananafish in the form of Poetry Editor presented itself, I choked on my coffee before thanking it for not flying out of my nose and leaving an unsightly mess across the keyboard of my white MacBook.


Certain things leave me speechless… this coming from a loud New Englander with four sisters and an Italian background. I suppose all of my favorite things somehow quiet me down, like poetry, for example.

Bananafish Magazine has added poetry to its collection of literary licks with me along as Poetry Editor. And I am so bloody excited… I’ve been walking in circles over it for days.

Still in the country at the moment. Today will involve reading, writing, lying in the grass at some stage, climbing at least two trees, and eating something delicious. My mother bought me a caramel apple yesterday, I don’t think I’ve had one since I was about ten.

I probably won’t have teeth by the end of today… but I must say it was deli-ciiiii-ous.

I will also be raging at my niece’s thirteenth birthday party this evening… dancing back to town tomorrow.

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