a tribal gathering and some icy fish

Today was a busy day! My family days are numbered… in less than two weeks it is back to my oversized island somewhere in a far away world…

This morning I went ice fishing, thank goodness no one caught anything! I grew up running barefoot up and down backwoods creeks, fishing was a natural part of the process. So even though I can no longer be strong at the sight of something wiggling on the end of a hook… I’ll still go hang.

… it’s just how I was raised.

I must admit that I was the baddest bitch (and the only bitch) at the ice fishing tournament I attended today. There were literally no other chicks in sight. One of the benefits of this was the swarms of random men offering me free drinks which I naturally accepted… because who wants to be rude?

Don’t get me wrong though, I would never attend an event personally unprepared… I had a thermos half full of whiskey with much to share. I can’t believe I hadn’t attended an ice fishing event sooner!

After the derby I came home and cooked dinner for everyone in my immediate family… we’re actually all still hanging out so my blog’s a bit short today… no poetry.

Sometimes you’ve gotta put certain things on hold because the ones that mean more than you can actually express are right at your fingertips…

… hope everyone had a lovely weekend blog family!!

2 thoughts on “a tribal gathering and some icy fish

    1. Ha! Cheers Cathal, today is his 68th birthday 🙂 I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve told someone I’m one of five girls and gotten the response of ‘Your POOR father!!!’

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