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Namaste my beloved cult clan

First: I was published this week in the extremely dope lit mag Short, Fast, and Deadly. I learned about SFD after reading a piece by Senior Editor Joseph A.W. Quintela that was published with another one of my favorites, Bananafish Magazine;”>While you are clicking around gobbling word goodies, do make sure to catch up on the writing of Bananafish Editor Daniel McDermott as well. Feel free to run off for coffee first… I’ll wait here…

Second: Last night was the first night I actually went properly wandering in Astoria. I stood in my empty residence and said, ‘Right Gretchen, you didn’t come to New York City to stay locked inside stressing over your words… you can do that anywhere… get your ass outside.’

With that  I walked two blocks away to receive a flyer for a free comedy show that occurs at RSVP Lounge Tuesday nights which happens to be a block from my present abode. I can pretty much see it from my stoop… and I mentioned it was FREE right? I spoke to the hosts about getting a spot, so more to come in a few weeks.

It’s been disappointing to me that the few spoken words I’ve tried to get out to, whether they’re comedy, poetry, or what-ev have been hitting cats with cover charge. I mean, I realize my broke ass is in no position to advise anyone how to survive as an Artist… HOWEVER! Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Kerouac would have not given a door bitch valuable drink money just to get up and read their stuff.

I spoke to the owner of RSVP. He offered me the venue on Sunday nights to host a spoken word night!!!

More to come soon… there will definitely be no cover charge… and there is likely to be drink specials… and I will be your hostess… so I trust some of you will be coming to hang… (insert squeals and giddy shakes here!)

I went to the beach yesterday, shortly prior to all of this occurring. I rinsed my new crystal ring in salt water. I stared out into the Atlantic as far as my eyes could reach.

… back to the books.

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