oops. we meant three.

So I have whinged incessantly about having no vacation time in the states. Going from my four weeks in Australia to two weeks back here has literally been killing me. And while I rejoiced over my recent week off, it really wasn’t enough. I have one other week up my sleeve, I was planning to go away in September but the way my life is flipped around at the moment I’m not certain that will pop. Regardless if I go anywhere or not…

I need more time off!IMG_5462

Yesterday during my daytime slaving period, a lovely boy approached my desk with, “Ummm… excuse me, Gretchen? We were just updating some systems and we realized you’ve been in there with two weeks of vacation… but you should actually have three…”

Three! Three weeks of vacation!! That means I have TWO MORE this year!! Praise the LORD blog tribe!!

I’ve been so busy cheerleading, that I can’t even be shitty about no one letting me know this sooner. I don’t even want to go anywhere. I just need more time off to do nothing. I mean, when you live in New York City, you develop an entirely different idea about what “doing nothing” means. I could use a week to wander in and out of a few museums while zooming up and down to the park with the puppies and banging out chapters.

I’m debating taking a week next month, and another week in September perhaps.

Props, yo. Not only do I have a dope Writer job… I have a dope Writer job that actually gives me vacation time! Oh life, thank you for delivering friendly surprises on days when I need them the most.

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