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It’s three in the morning on day four of my holiday. Book is keeping me awake.IMG_4970

God I can’t wait for the day to come when I have an editor of my very own.

At the moment I’m reshuffling and rewriting. An issue I’m dealing with is managing how the tone of Novel changes dramatically. This is mainly caused by whatever disruptions in the outside world may have impacted my brain at particular times.

Essentially I’m working on toning up and down different pieces to create a consistent voice. I’m going to bash as much of this out that I can this week. Shortly after, I’m running away for another forest escape. One with no gadgets. It’s important to have gadget-less time.

Watching lightning bugs and listening to crickets is proving to be a superior way to spend a holiday. The puppies have been playing in ponds and prancing through gardens.

My head is filling with ideas, as it often does during extended periods of free-time. Somehow, when you’re employed in the U.S., three days becomes an extended period of time.

I’ll probably write some poetry at some stage and get around to those bloody edits I need to do.

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