rejection schmejection. viva salt water.

I’ve gotten two rejection letters in the past week after submitting a micro-fiction piece and some poetry.

This is the first time I’ve submitted anything since… hmmm… 2006?

Needless to say I got back two big fat NO!s Although I must say one of the NO!s actually offered constructive criticism and encouraged me to submit again… all within an extensive reply. I thought that was a very nice touch…

In the meantime the work I post online has been getting great feedback from the general public which is good enough for me… so I guess we’ll see when I submit again. Because honestly, if I can get enough cult members reading my stuff straight from MY page… why do I even need a publisher?

The beach was fabulous. I’m one of those people that rates salt water up there as one of the greatest solutions to anything. Right along with good food and classical cello…

I wrote a poem about yesterday this morning… in the park…  note the lack of title.

She has seaweed hair,
clam shell toes.
I wanted to kiss her once,
she said
her salty lips will sting
my open wounds.
I didn’t completely
what that meant.
Back then
when she
smelt like mangoes and
tasted like pineapple,
I spent weeks
watching the sun
darken her shade.
I wanted to tell her
that was something
I never saw.
She looks like an electric tangerine sunset
dipping into the aqua
high tide.
And she sounds
like a siren.
The kind that sprawl
across rocks

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