the killer whale and why i heart social media

Remember when the guy from Sigfried and Roy ( I believe it was Roy) nearly got eaten by the lion? Or how about that idiot out in California who tried scaling the wall at the zoo last summer and copped it? Now some lady falls in a killer whale tank in Florida… do I honestly care?

Of course not.

However when I live outside of the United States, I am always fascinated by the occasional headline I catch through social media. The last story that I remember really ripping through the twitter, facebook, brizzly, google monsters was THE BALLOON BOY story.

Obviously it isn’t the content I care about here… it’s the jokes and everyone taking the piss that is HILARIOUS. When I started doing stand-up in Australia, I learned about Aussie humor vs Yank vs UK and the way that each sort intermingles over here.

When you’re standing on a stage holding a microphone in front of a crowd of Australians with alcohol, you learn quickly. I don’t have to write completely differently or anything, but some stuff you leave in, some you dice.

The first thing I read this morning was a friend saying ‘Just read Shamu killed someone! How ironic. A “killer” whale killed someone. Idiots.’ And then it basically went on from there with me in fits of giggles over everyone’s smart ass comments. That’s why I love Twitter so much I have two accounts… even though they briefly shunned me.

I would never know about this stupid story or understand any of the jokes if it weren’t for social media. Nor would I have a majority of my favorite people in my pocket at all times… shout out to my iPhone which I am amazed still goes considering how much I use it.

And shout out to Shamu… they just hatin!

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  1. I just read in the news: python eats someone’s pet goat. Up in Cairns. Apparently the pythons ran out of wallabies to eat (I know… what the?).

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