retreating to hippy-hood…

I love you blog family and loyal cult of all things luscious.

Lately I’ve seen whack-ness in many shades and spectrums. It got me thinking about my ick post from last year. At the moment there’s a small collection of “acquaintances” that recently finished dancing in mud and are presently smearing their gum boots up and down my face.

My natural response, of course, is nothing more than “Do those shoes fit you ok? Because I wouldn’t want your feet to hurt… I can get you a new pair if you like, something more comfortable.”

I am in no way talking myself up with my, “No really, I love you,” attitude. In all honesty, it often works more against me than for. Humans seem to hold this false perception that I am unaware of behind the back chatters and below the belt kicks. As much as I am an enormous “ignorance is bliss” supporter, it’s not relevant in the current cases I’m referring to.

And you know what the worst part is? I still do nothing but project every single creature on this planet as much love as my soul can beam. You know why? Me neither… although I assume it has something to do with evolution.

Regardless of how my fists clench at gestures of injustice. Every single morning, as soon as my eyes open, and every single night before I go to sleep… I saturate this planet in violet and gold light because my spiritual understanding is that this does indeed help. Unlike harboring negative feelings, which really gets you nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I have more than my share of dislikes. But I’m humble enough to know that in the scheme of existence, I’m going to do more good by balancing them and projecting love than spitting shit and being cruel.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the 500 or so of you coming in every day to visit mean the world to me. Don’t ever think I don’t see you there. During times like this when Haters are doing anything they can to get the best of me… I’ve got a shield of cult to keep them at bay.

And I’ve got more love to spread than they’ll probably ever witness…

Kisses. x x

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