not until the book finishes

As I settle into sporadic blogging and away from daily posts, I’ve been embracing my hushing head.

The way I put it to a mate of mine tonight, “FollowMeToNYC started so I could blog every day until I swung life as a Writer in Manhattan, I’ve done that, I don’t have much more to say.”

“You can’t stop yet,” was the reply I received. “Not until the book finishes.”DSCN4726

The book continues to finish. I tried to “blog last week, but it was a tornado of emotional spew that I took down after the post saw around twenty views.

This brought to surface two previous -no-no’s I set for myself constructing this cyber image of me… 1. nothing too sappy and 2. nothing that gets pulled down, at least not immediately.

Rules are meant to be broken. And this is all already getting too deep for me… drat you emotional spew!

So yeah, in other news, I’m looking for a friend for Peanut. I think she’s grieved the untimely passing of her brother sufficiently and is ready to, perhaps, invite someone fuzzy to share her house with.

Shelters are being watched as we await the newest cult mascot for our tribe.


2 thoughts on “not until the book finishes

  1. HI Gretchen. Love to hear about all you are doing! Please look out for our shelter here in NJ. We just took in dogs from Newark and a kill shelter in South Carolina. The shelter is Father John’s Animal House. Would love to help you out. Also the Mayors Alliance, in NYC.
    Love, Aunt Donna

    1. Hello Aunt Donna! I will check them both! Peanut is going to be so happy with a new friend – I must bring her to visit! x o x

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