Shaquille O’neal. Do the white girl.

Let’s not talk about apartments today.

In other news, I saw Shaquille O’Neil yesterday afternoon ordering lobster bisque at the Soup Man in Hell’s Kitchen. I realize celebrity photos are a bit uncool… But they’re fun and random in these parts, which collectively overrules the previous factor.

My favorite part about seeing Shaq was the exclamation of a fellow onlooker who praised, “Yo! Look at that dude’s feet!”

OK I have to mention a little bit apartment. I was lured into a midtown agency who promised to show me a place last night but instead opted to sick me with a minion tribe of form tossers barking “fill this out!” If you’re ever property hunting in NYC, avoid A.C. Lawrence.

I walked out angry and stormed downtown for a bit of village refreshment. 

Shortly after sake, I was wandering down Broadway and greeted by a beautiful wide eyed boy wearing a “Do the white girl” hat which resulted in me cackling directly in his face. Contrary to my thought processes, “the white girl” is apparently a dance. It’s funny that this notion actually offends me more than my initial hat meaning assumption.

After I explained to our hat wearing cult affiliate that I am actually spoken for by a dashing young Australian man (after he invited himself home with me) – he let me take his photo.

I love this town.

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