sublet. write wanting.

I’ve decided to sublet an apartment. Not sure how long this concept will last, because as we all know I am in the middle of a major crisis.

I came to reach this decision in a variety of ways… here are the top ten.

top ten reasons i’m going to sublet

10. To prevent complete deterioration of my sanity, I’m going the quicker option.

9. I have no furniture and most of them are furnished.

8. The concept of “own place” is a bit too grown-up for me.

7. I saw a sublet with two dogs to keep me company in the absence of my beloved puppies.

6. I’ll save a few thousand dollars a year.

5. My gut says to, and guts don’t usually lie.

4. I like feeling like I live in a hotel room.

3. The money I save will buy me the new desktop that I desperately need.

2. Real Estate agents are wankers and the less I deal with them, the better life is.

1. Let’s face it, I’m a gypsy. We all know I won’t be anywhere more than 12 months. Please.

All I want to do is write. I realize it sounds a bit weak, but until I somewhat “settle” – the focus thing isn’t happening. Sure I’m scribbling here and there, but I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I’m here to do.

Granted I’ve only been here 15 days, I don’t reckon that matters. I’m on a mission my cult collective. I’m leaving the city today for a weekend in the country. I’ve been crying too much. I want to see my family.

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  1. know that friends are around Gretchen with positive thoughts full of care and love, like helium to make you float. Gather us up in the country and cruise… much love. xoxo

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