shots of jager in an icebox. stack of books.

What do you do when one of your favorite Queenslanders who has never seen snow and lives in a town where winter equals spring in most other parts of the world?

Lock her in a box of ice and keep her warm with furry coats and shots of jagermeister, naturally.

One of my favorite sisters is in town for a few days Blog Family. Last night we drank cocktails out of goblets made of ice, before smashing our cups into a pile of sparkly crystals.
Then we wiggled to hip hop amongst frosty carved sculptures at Melbourne’s one and only Ice Bar (where apparently you aren’t supposed to take pictures).

Once we exited the freezer, the autumn atmosphere felt like summer for a split second. We giggled and shuffled up to a place called Mamasitas on Collins Street that boasts a crazy tequila menu and slings margaritas by the liter if that’s your fancy. Which in our case totally is. Furthermore they serve a delicious Mexican menu; real Mexican food.

Mexican food is one of my favorites. Finding a decent Mexican joint in Australia is like finding Vegemite in the States. An insanely rare opportunity which, as an appreciator, leaves you doing a poppy jig at its rare discovery. I recommend Mamasitas to whoever gets to Melbourne.

Today is glorious Friday. I’m on my way to work to write some speeches and a couple of media releases. I’m looking at the last stack of Poetry: Volume One books I’ll be ordering from Lulu. As scheduled, Volume Two will be out in July.

Another twelve months in the life of gretchen cello…

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