sik gaek. woodside.

Timothy and I went on a date tonight to Sik Gaek in Woodside. Each of our O.C.D elements ignited in delight at the 17 varieties of barbecue accompaniments dished up with the likes of spicy muscles and fresh tasting soju. We gobbled roasted garlic with jalapeƱo accompaniments beside crispy cabbage salad and hot rice noodles in red pepper sauce.

Delicious is an understatement.

While I swing in cranky directions as average as the next human creature, I am grateful every day for the life I live. So clinking soju glasses at a small, round silver table with a flaming grill in the center on a Friday night – accompanied by someone I love… it’s impossible to ask for more.

We wandered home holding hands in the red-cheek brisk of a New England October. Then I danced around the house with the puppies.

In closing, Sik Gaek in Woodside is a flavorful Friday evening that you should probably take someone you have a crush on, or someone your related to, or someone who yearns for yum the same way as you. The dishes are enormous and served to be shared. There’s live seafood swimming around waiting to be cooked on your table, if that’s your thing. And there’s an English practicing staff whose best line of the evening for me was, “Mushroom soup? We don’t have that. Oh wait! We do! The words are so different in Korea…”

How I <3 thee NYC.


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