healing pinnacle

Believe it or not blog family, my foot is still stuffed. It’s better than it was, however irrational demands of evil creatures forcing unnecessary steps has not assisted the healing process.

And I’m thankful for every wiggly-toed grimace.

TheĀ low-key vibe of life that I’ve settled into over the past three weeks has truly reached a pinnacle. I’m assuming it’s because of tonight’s full moon.

Yesterday I received an unexpected phone call related to the top-secret hustle I’ve been referring to over recent days. It was good news, but unfortunately it didn’t involve warping time. So I won’t have an official update until next week… but I believe fate is nearly settled into a new shift.

The puppies will be here in no time at all.

I’ve only detoxed for 24-hours but I’ve gotta tell you, my body is already happy. Even with a gimp ankle, I was able to twist into some yoga poses this morning. My belly is filled with a breakfast of blueberries and vanilla soy milk. Yesterday a cult member randomly noted, “Damn Gretch, your eyes look amazing today – what color is that?”

It’s strange how when we surround ourselves with humans who are unkind to us, it makes it very difficult to be kind to ourSelf. After five months of hurting myself with crazy thoughts and piles of intoxicants, I think I’d like to get back to who I am.

There’s a book about all of this… coming up.

Have a delicious day blog family, and make sure to love yourSelf. We too often forget on this mad planet of Earth.

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