slowly feel

Dear blog family

Well… it seems that my last goodbye was not a goodbye after all. You know, after a year of getting my ass kicked… I forgot a lot of things. Forgot what happiness feels like, the texture and scent. I forgot what life means, you know… legitimate living.

Is there still stacks of content in these parts to sift? Yup. Are words appearing everywhere again? … Always. Am I getting my cloud walk on?

Best believe. Slowly.


2 thoughts on “slowly feel

  1. you are looking radiantly radiant, Gretchen… makes one feel warm and comfortable… there’s always plenty of happiness and living to do friend, one just needs to know that it never leaves and is always there… slowly. Loves ya. xoxo

    1. Namaste dear Cos. I miss you. Talk about a glow, I can see your shine even from these parts. I couldn’t agree more about the presence of happiness. It is divine feeling like mySelf again. Love you deeply x

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