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Namaste Blog Tribe

So like I was having a Wah about the other day, I’ve been a bit introspective this month. I’m proud of myself for making sure I check in here in our world of writerly blog tribe – for a few reasons.

I remember the first twelve months I started here, 30 visits a month would make my eyes pop out of my head. I don’t even know 30 people. I mean, I don’t even have 30 numbers in my phone. I figured 20 strangers stumbled here somehow, and that made me giggle and clap.

Time went on and I became a bit obsessed with the voyeuristic enticement of nearly 100 visits a day. 100 people to me is like a million. Life back then was more complicated than I was ready to face up to, so instead of dealing with it – I ranted of this and that every day and watched numbers rise.IMG_2688

These days, during another time of trickiness, certain thinks make me smile. Teethy smiles. One of those things are our family of subscribers. I’ve never subscribed to an RSS feed. These days, I can’t even figure out how to get the RSS button up on my site. However, I know there are a thousand of you or so who have figured how to do just that. I see you pop by whenever I come out of my hole to say “Hey guys… it’s another one of those periods, but I’ll snap out soon.”

Anyways. That makes me happy. I just wanted to tell you, and blow some kisses. Kiss kiss kiss.

We’re all still freezing our asses off here in New York City, most people are annoyed about it. I found a Bikram Yoga studio down the block which I am going to visit this weekend. I may not get much sunlight, but sweat is necessary.

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