winter blahs. babies.

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IMG_3035Winter is killing me. I hate when people complain about the weather, so pardon this paragraph. But for real. The weather man reckons that the temperature is ten degrees lower than usual for this time of year. The first day of spring is this week, and there’s still patches of snow around here and there.

Over the weekend I escaped to the country to celebrate one of my niece’s birthday. She turned the big three this year. Needless to say, she liked my present best!

The three-year-old’s twinnie sisters are nearly one. There were babies everywhere. I’m not the biggest fan of children, mostly because they evolve into adult humans – a species my head will never get around. However, babies make me happy. The giggle a lot and you can toss them around with little effort.

The babies made the winter day less blah. I came home and worked on my book afterwards. And being St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, I guzzled a few pints of Guinness as well.

Fingers crossed for some warm weather, I’m totally over the blah of grey skies. A bit of sunlight will bring words and wonder that leave my fingers wiggling in anticipation for.

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