still settling

IMG_7673I’m still settling into the freedom that presented itself and is shining around me. It’s bloody freezing around here at the moment, many degrees below freezing – in fact.

Usually this makes me get cranky and go on tirades of returning to northern Australia. But considering where I am, that’s simply not the case.

I put a snowsuit on today and played outside with the puppies in between petting, feeding and prancing about with the animals on the property. I daydreamed a lot, then I cooked spinach and feta stuffed tomatoes with fresh basil and cracked black pepper.

I drank a lot of coffee, possibly too much, and read book chapters that brought me back straight to the center of what will always be one of my favorite cities on Earth.

I made a banana – strawberry smoothie and read the newspaper until it occurred to me… I don’t have to do that anymore. I’m not in a current events job that requires me to keep up with whatever the media is dishing.

So I put the paper away and had a hot chocolate instead.

I’m going to start painting and drawing in pastels. While I’ve had IMG_7665previous moments in life of knowing I’m exactly where I should be, this one trumps them all. As the shock settles, the words are unwinding. I think I’ll start writing poetry again every day.

Love to you, yours and ours blog family. Extra light to any of you suffering or addressing rough patches. Having been dealt my share over the past two years, I know it sounds cliche saying things do get better… perfect even.

If I wasn’t living it, I probably wouldn’t believe the idea of that either.

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