settling. stand up.

Namaste blog tribe

I have been uncharacteristically quiet the past days-ish. Mainly, I’ve been listening to this:

That song does something to me that I don’t think women are really capable of until we hit 30. Which reminds me…

It’s nearly my BIRTHDAY! 36 big ones blog tribe, and what beautiful big ones they’ve been. Even when I sook.

I’m officially settled from the last person that I hung out with for more than five minutes. I’m such a bloody emotional creature and can get so caught up in things. Even when they aren’t significant, sadly, in conclusion.

Howevever, rather than drear myself out about it, I’ll be going up at Comic Strip Live this Wednesday. Some old jokes and some new giggles. I’ll spend the next twenty-four hours reciting five minutes of words in my head before grabbing a microphone in the company of a stranger I have yet to encounter.

It will be interesting, to say the least.

I have also still been writing very much book. That seems to finally be settling as well.

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