back to the farm

I came back to the farm today. Considering I’ve been here less than a month, arriving was as surreal as the first day that I discovered this paradise pocket.

I sat in my room looking out at snow dusted hills and creatures nesting close together to contain the warmth that life provides. It’s going to dip to 0 F tomorrow… -17 C approximately. After spending so much time in part of the word where January brings the hottest temperatures, I’m finally readjusting to the icicle chills that the north-east states deliver.

I pondered today being Tuesday for awhile earlier. Not too long ago, Tuesday meant committing myself to a chair in a foreign space amongst a questionable collection of characters in order to pay rent. Now, Tuesday is no different from any other day. All that’s important is sustaining creatures’ lives and contributing to the beauty that Earth can offer and the joy that can be bestowed onto others.

Quite a paradox…

Regardless of what life has thrown at me, my current situation has humbled me deeper than any experience I’ve yet encountered. And to be honest, I’ve always considered myself to be quite a humble creature.

Materialism, to me, isn’t something that only involves physical acquirements. It relates to desire and a consistent chase that’s common amongst Earth dwellers. Since my earliest posts put up back in 2009/2010 – I’ve been on about not wanting anything; not wanting to chase anything.

I’m finally settling back to a life where every second is aware and sacred. I’m changing, again.

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