sunny shoulders. insomnia shakes.

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I haven’t been sleeping for about a month or so. I’ve learned that the odd thing about insomnia, is that you simply adjust. After awhile, the tiredness ceases. I find that I roam within a somewhat standard haze of fatigue – but it’s quite a unique sort of exhaustion.

There are a few reasons I stay awake. I spend so much time thinking of them in the dark, I won’t waste anymore brain power on them here. But there are a few honorable mentions I’d like to shout out with regard to what keeps me up.

IMG_30081. Book. This is the best thing keeping me up. For the past week, I’ve really been working my way through. I feel better after having a bitch to my therapist about it. I’m settling into where opposed to writing my novel, I’m more-so reading it. I’m back at a point of enjoyment, and when it comes to my word art, that should always remain the most critical component.

2. Blog. I harbor this perpetual guilt of rejecting our lovely world of blog. Granted “rejection” to me means three or four posts a week instead of seven. I’m just at a point where I need a magic fairy to manifest and help me clean up the one thousand or so posts lurking around this domain. There’s stories and life in these parts, one of these days they might be organized – and then? Look out Jack.IMG_3117

3. Jerks. Some people are jerks. When I moved to Australia in 2002, I escaped some jerks. Then, I inadvertently married one of the biggest jerks I’ve met. I appreciate unconditional love, and I project it daily – regardless of distractions. I’m working on not letting distractions keep me awake.

The sun hit my shoulders for the first time last weekend. It was warm for five minutes today, then it dipped down again. However, spring has to bloody arrive soon. Sunshine and sleep seem decent things to focus on. Also books and blogs. I’m forgetting jerks one by one.

I reckon I’ll be dreaming again in no time. Oh, and book? Coming up…

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  1. We just had our first taste of ‘autumn’ here in Bris today. Mind you, ‘autumn’ is 25 degrees, so people are whipping out their jackets to go with their flip flops… QLD-style…

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