the puppies and poetry volume two…

It makes me madly happy that as various cult members learn of my upcoming New York City departure, the first question I’m asked is consistent. No, it isn’t “Wow! How will you earn bread?” or “Damn! How long have you been ranting about this online?”

The question I’m asked is, “What about the puppies?”

As I’ve stated in the past, the puppies are coming. It’s going to cost me four grand. I suppose that’s what transporting a pair of four year olds tends to put a person out of pocket – so I can’t really complain. Ok I could but it would be pointless.

The puppies will first enjoy an Australian summer while I settle into my town and find the perfect place. Somewhere along the east river perhaps. Or a place in Queens with their own patch of garden. Haven’t quite figured it out. I can say, however, they’ve been preparing for this since birth. They’re indoor dogs and used to lounging around the house while I’m at work.

So it just comes down to saving the cash and finding the perfect apartment… and not dying from grief of their absence in the meantime. To be honest, I’m actually trying not to think about it too much. Once I get to the city, I’ll be more in control of dates and what not…

Put simple: they’re coming.

Poetry: Volume Two will be available over next few days. Unlike last year when putting out a book was the center of my existence, this year’s deadline has crept up at the craziest time.

That said, I’ve gotta get back to it! In between puppy planning, Europe booking, New York City happening, and life packing… I’m amazed to have nearly pulled it off!

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