this one’s important! FOLLOW.ME.TO.NYC

Suitcase packed, writing books (check), laptop – sorted… in we go!

Right. In a few hours temporary residence in Queens will be going down. Does this seem sudden? It totally is… cheers to the Universe for subscribing me a soul tribe that can still manage to figure me out even when I lock myself away for hair pulling, word pounding, and nervous break-downing.

Tonight I overlooked the lake with one of my favorite people on the planet who smiled at me and said, ‘You didn’t ask, I just offered. Once you’re in town you’ll get a job in like five minutes, then you can keep focussing on your writing. We’ll work it out.’

You heard it first my fabulous cult of insanity advocates… shortly I’m taking my bag and $5.50 into New York City and, well, we’ll find out I suppose… (EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!)

293 days ago I fired up this site to track how, somehow, I’d get back to town. So on that note, this is probably the most significant post yet.

The doses I’ve had of being in NYC over the past few months have grounded me back to my natural state. Just as the tease of backing and forthing was starting to trample my heart – everything’s been switched, reversed, and shaken.

Bloody brilliant!

Next time we catch up… it’ll be live, on location, in Queens. I’ve smiled more in the past week than… ummm… ever.

Farewell for now country… HELLO NEW YORK CITY!!! … is this even happening?

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    1. namaste jorj… thank you the inspiration… the strength of being surrounded by fellow understanders is worth its weight in gold… i can already feel letters bubbling 🙂

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