i think this part’s important

Alright blog family… it is the official final leg of this particular NYC visit. The excitement of returning to Australia is churning in my belly for many many reasons… too many to list in fact. On that note, it’s been some time since we’ve had a top 10, I reckon one’s due!


10. Summer

9. Being able to get an Aussie beer that isn’t Fosters

8. Moving back to Melbourne from Brisbane

7. Getting far from the Kardashians

6. Opportunities to call people ‘Mate’ with sincerity

5. Wearing flip flops without feeling like white trash

4. A much less oppressive media than the States (for now…)

3. My MATES!!



Ink is spilling.

shattered patterns

I cling tight, but I’ve heard a lot let go.
The loud crash of when gripping gets too hard.
I leave fingernail grooves, a struggle show.
I’m not the type to be captured off guard,
can’t categorize what I crave and chase.
Existence on terms of what I believe.
No sugar coating required, silk or lace.
Truth to Self. The highest honour achieved.
Perplexity living in plastic times,
when material things are meant to soothe.
Satisfaction in saying ‘This is mine.’
A suit and high heels with something to prove.
Contentment within says you’ve travelled far.
Don’t let society say who you are.

8 thoughts on “i think this part’s important

  1. although there are many reasons i will miss you…. this made me happy 🙂 i love you girlie, and am very proud of you and to be your big sister. Write on….

  2. Gretch, (sorry I realise it’s one of my bad habits, I shorten names), you’ve been an inspiration and I’m going to keep following your blog on the basis that when you’re a rich and famous writer I can send you a begging letter.
    By the way, your last line must be a peach of a place to be.

    1. Cathal! I dig gretch, a few friends call me that 😉 You are generous with your kind words mate, thank you. As long as you let me sign you when I start my own book publishing company we’re sweet!!

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