NYC how I love you but sometimes

My birthday in the city was amazing.

Being my first birthday in the US for so many years like I’ve been saying, certain things hit me in hard, sneaky-like ways.

There’s someone in Australia that I don’t really want to spend another birthday without. There are things that have happened in the past 12 months that have kicked me all over the place and spit me out in Queens. I have feelings about life yearning for paper but haven’t finished processing yet in the boiling pot of my stomach.

I have a book to finish, a few actually. I am amazed and stoked about everything I’ve done in the past year. It’s incredible how much exposure I’ve somehow managed to gain and the incredible cult that has joined my cause of ‘WRITE OR BUST.’

And now, after a birthday and a few days away from a year of straight posts… I’m plotting my course for the upcoming months. I’m uncertain if daily posts are going to keep happening. To be true, I’m ordinarily quite a private person… LOL. As much as I do enjoy my loud New York City life of running and writing and twenty hour days… perhaps I took my simple existence for granted.

Had I not flown off the rails and come back to ransack town the way I’ve been doing, it’s unlikely I would appreciate my quiet life 10 000 miles from here.

While I’m here I’ll keep on with the keeping on… see what my crystal ball reveals next…

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