thrasher shoot, poetry, and scripting

In a few weeks time, CJ is going to shoot the zombie slasher short-flick that I wrote the script for back in November. Whoever ends up getting cast as the zombie bikini models might be a bit chilly in the surrounding snowy weather. I am going to make a cameo appearance as Clara, the disgruntle Writer (I’m a method Actress…)

I wrote my ninth consecutive sonnet today… just another 355 more to go. Writing a sonnet every day dramatically changes my daily processes. Like I’ve said before, I’ve always written poetry… but not usually every day. And certainly not in the same form… I tend to lean more toward free verse.

Every poem I’m posting is written on the day. It’s the first thing I’m thinking about each day… what will inspire, influence, or affect me? Today it was advertising. One of my sister’s brought over a stack of magazines for me to flip through and all I saw was half naked women, most of them celebrities, trying to convince me that owning a product they pose beside will make me feel better about myself. So I reacted in poetry…

The script is stressing me out but that’s good, I work better under pressure sometimes. Not sure if a nervous breakdown is on the horizon… it seems like I haven’t had one for awhile and I’m due… or maybe I’ve just been really busy?

a written check

Is advertising supposed to attract?
Fake shots of time remind you to buy.
Sell out. Turn to a star. Learn how to act.
Quick discount now for those not asking why.
Why should I fit into your perfect view?
Your photoshop thighs, botox and white teeth.
Valued citizens. Allow us to choose.
Surface existence. Ignore what’s beneath
because we know best, we’ll tell you how much
of everything you need. Fame doesn’t lie.
Why worry about who you are and such?
Allow us to market on every sigh.
Sagas continue, an ongoing tale.
My life is worth… not the price of a sale.

click here for some recent examples of aussies attempting to stoop to the level of US advertising (discovered during my travels)…

2 thoughts on “thrasher shoot, poetry, and scripting

  1. Gretchen, I’ve just found your blog! And now feel totally inadequate, but I can now enjoy my writing life vicariously through your accomplishments 🙂 Best of luck with the script my friend.
    To every body else, Gretchen’s a star, she got me writing and my days are now easier.

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