tighten. false attempt to hold.

tighten. false attempt to hold.

Factor. Forty-one reasons and ways
Fastness is not informing infidelity.

Occupancy of my embrace, she
Slithers sayings. You miss again.

Dissociation. Body to body. Flesh
Out of hollow impulse. Out of outrage.

He threw my face in the garbage.
I have never felt. So. Free to execute.

There is a pair. Of them. These two
Snapback, snide, sloppy, soundless

Chasers of tolerable. Church goers.
Find a God. Validate how you hate

Everyone else. Including her. Including
Everyone. Faceless relations. And I

Fall to a futuristic grip of pompous,
I never knew he had it in him.

Sidekick disgrace. She remains.
Laced with self-centered self-righteousness.

Spike my drink with strychnine.
Throw every last piece of me in the fire.

When you clank your apple juice glasses…
May… might… will… Shatter in your foul clench.

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