To Pour My Heart Out

Namaste blog tribe

It has literally been five minutes. I hope you are all staying bright and blessed.

Since I’ve been here last… here are the top ten things that happened:

10. Got back to my place. After more than my serve of bullshit.

9. Kicked around the book, made some HUGE changes.

8. Went to a few pole dancing classes, that shit is hard.

7. Opened all of my windows for summer, they won’t be closed again until November-ish.

6. Started smiling again – needed that.

5. Had a handful of out of body experiences, lucid dreams to other places.

4. Wrote. Wait, I mentioned that, right?

3. Started looking for a new place… moving for the 10th time in three years (you know how my gypsy feet stray).

2. Danced with the puppies.

1. Started my refreshing favorite and best job – they even gave me a business card that says WRITER, and it’s orange. Of course.

After 36 months of trauma, it’s nice to brush my shoulders off. The last time I was so in tune with Self was in 2002, when I lived alone down on first avenue – the lower east side. When I would take the Bleeker Street train to 17 State Street and do the foolish things jobs ask new graduates to fulfill.

Before I was a Hell’s Kitchen-based Executive who walks to work…

Fuck… I love this town.

People can say what they want about being beat by my town. New York City is the love of my life, regardless of where I go or end up. She has a majestic way to sooth and rock my woes…

I can’t tel you how relieving it is to feel better.

New writing on the way. x o x

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