va va vegan… sobbing over papers…

That’s right blog family. It’s just about time for my next trip to the land of vegan. I’ve been listening to a lot of chanting tracks lately, burning various combinations of incense, and reading a few numerology books. I feel centered and focused, and fairly light. I find when I swap my ordinary vegetarian diet for vegan, I get even more floaty to the point where my toes barely seem to touch the ground.

I spent my morning sobbing over newspapers which I shouldn’t ┬ábe reading. I read about genocide in Libya and the nuclear crisis in Japan. There are things in life that stun me to a state of shock that exceeds beyond the possibility of feeling anything at all. The term surreal comes to mind, but at the same time any sort of linguistic expression seems to drastically undermine the experience I’m attempting to convey.

A major motivation of my writing is to build a place where humans can process words that, if successfully composed, eliminate feelings of separateness. A moment of head nods and potential comments of, “Yeah, actually, I’ve kind of felt that too…”

As an alien hippy princess I’m all about peace, love and unity. Every day I put conscious effort into lighting the world however I can from the small window I view it from. When I read things like I did this morning, the sadness and helplessness of it all literally knocks me out.

At risk of babbling on, I guess I’ll just say I’m glad our clan is from outer space.

The human species isn’t really something I think any of us would want to identify with.

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