Like I was saying a few days back, I’ve been reading a lot about numerology. Sometimes in my spare time I do things like interpret numbers, flip cards, study palms, and communicate with other dimensions.

Everyone has a hobby I suppose.

I thought I would put a summary of what my numbers had to say about Gretchen Cello.

“Summary of what numbers say about gretchen cello”

Gretchen Cello has many individualistic traits with an underlying goal of independence. She seeks new and unusual techniques of self-expression with a confident, persevering nature.

On the downside, Gretchen Cello can be introverted, stubborn, non-cooperative, and possibly aggressive.

Gretchen Cello harbors strong Martian energies (swear to God that came up) with mediumistic skills which, if not used to do good, will contribute to a potentially dangerous suffering caused by her extreme sensitivity. The same sensitivity is a large reasoning of her overall destiny to act as an intermediary between what is seen and unseen.

Gretchen Cello is a truth seeker and assister of those in need and displays special ‘talents of spirit’.

2011 is a year of great restlessness for Gretchen Cello with swift changes of moods and opinions in addition to a travel yearning. It is also a year of peaked creativity and solid business prospects.

I feel slightly better now than I did earlier…



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