veteran’s day and remembrance day

Last week Veteran’s Day was observed in the US and Remembrance Day in AUS. Regardless of how anyone personally views war (I’m pro-peace people), I believe love and respect should be sent out to anyone from ANY country all the time. I guess I don’t see these particular days as days of grieving who was lost… I actually grieve the fact that war never seems to stop.

And that some humans… in certain instances…. are essentially foolish.

My opinion is… if you wanna hate on anyone… hate on governments. And don’t hold a tunnel vision that all troops do is fight – they’re delivering urgent medical supplies, assisting with infrastructure, and a whole lot of other stuff that you or I have no idea about.

DSCN0495My Grandfather was in the Navy, I’m sure most of you have relatives that served as well. I will never make a claim to have any clue about what it’s like going to some of the scariest places in the world.

I cannot comprehend violence on any scale. I’m a hippy, I literally love everyone. I left the US in 2002, nearly eight years to the day…. I personally watched the Towers burn to the ground… my lack of understanding about war is no different from my lack of understanding about anyone that could comprehend flying a set of airplanes into some skyscrapers.

All I’m saying is people live very comfortable lives every day with no consideration about how lucky they are. Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Day are for people that sacrifice that comfort – whether we agree with the reasons they’re sent out to do so or not.

Love and respect to all. Regardless of day. Regardless of circumstance.

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