vodka, lime, and crying…

My best friend is better than most best friends… I’m bias. We grew up five houses apart from each other and have known each other for somewhere in the ballpark of 25 years… so she’s more of a fifth sister to me.

The two of us couldn’t be any more different.

At the moment, I’m cashing in hard on our history. Certain things have happened in my life that having someone around to help un-fuzz memories is extremely helpful.

I called her up last night with a glass full of vodka and a face full of tears. She got me through it. Three more nights to go.

striking a wet match

If I could wear a statue face like stone,
attract crowds to assume my emotions;
Would people feel like they’re never alone?
My stillness tends to increase with motion,
my body slows down as the world speeds up.
Moments of time occurring around me,
sipping the tepid remains of my cup.
Shedding a yearning of false guarantees.
To observe living without taking part,
freedom to undress from expectation.
Like a body present without a heart,
denying the role of your foundation.
Trying to view each day as a lesson,
sparking the fire of aura expression.

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