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I’m pulled together. I had a few teary days and moderate brain malfunctioning… all sorted. I wonder if people are less emotional than me or just not as blatant about it. Am I a tortured artist? I am aren’t I…

I spent last night going through the work I’ve completed since October, there’s a lot. It may not be one polished piece like I thought I was after… but four months simply isn’t enough time to completely alter my style of doing things. So although I don’t have a 100% finished work like I wanted… I’ve got three 90% finished major works and stacks of other goodies here and there.

I think this is where I should once again get into what I’ve learned about myself as a Writer during this period of writing full time. New things I’ve learned are that life experience to a Writer is like passing an entrance exam for medical school, although you can only study so much- if you’re legit, you’re going to make the grade sooner or later.

I’ve learned that sometimes I seriously need to ease up on myself, but learning that and applying it are two different things… I’m not sure if I’ve got the grace to really give into this just yet. However I like to think that my acknowledgement will result in more future back-pats and less ‘not good enough-s’.

The last thing isn’t really something I’ve learned, it’s more of a confirmation. I’ve confirmed that I am a passionate, dedicated Writer. And regardless of what happens five minutes, months, or years from now… nothing is going to change that.

‘Sorrows gather around great souls as storms do around mountains; but like them, they break the storm and purify the air of the plain beneath them.’ – Richter

serenading serendipity

Devotion of faith to where we belong,
a soft residence in luminescence.
Truth bears no possibility of wrong,
integrity withstands all resistance.
Surrounding empathy connects us all,
life weaves through intuitive reaction.
No comprehension of top means no fall,
no dependence to gain satisfaction.
Sometimes existence is just de ja vu,
sensation that we’ve done this all before.
Embracing the different things we go through,
finding ways to float while swimming ashore.
Love is the law, its divine protection,
the one way to light our soul’s direction.

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  1. Conratulations on your wordsmithery! Amazing discipline indeed. Makes me want to straighten my shoulders and get the hell on with it. Thanks for the inspiration lady. x

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