what exactly is a spiritual alchemist. details.

I appreciate detail. I’m a Writer. It’s a natural quality.

I have a Facebook page that predominantly features daily updates from FollowMeToNYC.

There’s also a place on my Facebook page querying my religious views which are listed as being “Spiritual Alchemist”.

Most people ignore this. However today someone actually inquired about my perspective.

I thought it was interesting when the query reached me because it was at the end of
a day that had been predominantly spent contemplating God.

Considering how decrepit organized religion is, most people are frightened to mention the “G” word… or, in the case of my “Om” and “Azna” acceptors – the “O” and/or “A” word.

I imagine this has arisen somewhere in my previous 560 consecutive posts.

What I don’t believe, as a Spiritual Alchemist, is that any living creature possesses authority to tell another that the peace they find in faith is incorrect or inferior to the faith of another.

I’m enough of a person to accept elements of every sacred system. And I know how much power there is in ritual. But frankly, as soon as you tell someone else their views are wrong, I’m sorry to say, you lose God reflection in my eyes.

In my eyes, God’s reflection is nothing more complicated than love. It’s gold and infinite.

No one is excluded.

We’re walking a fine line of depth this evening blog family – I can’t help it in my buzzy state of lightness from a day of sunshine wanders.

And I’m a sucker for the ones that notice the details.

Details tend to be the most important aspect of any story, after all.

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