more reasons i love. delete.

Namaste blog family

IMG_6484I was thinking of how divine it was those weeks that I had no telephone. However, being a lover of gadgets, and one who enjoys getting my Instagram on – I understand the purpose of maintaining the small plastic device that stays nested in my handbag. So instead of tossing the phone once and for all, I decided to delete all of my contacts instead.

I have this theory, if someone is looking for me and calls – I can stash their information. This morning on my way to the park, during greetings with about half a dozen strangers, I was overjoyed in the reflection of why I love this town. I would rather make small talk with a stranger than expect genuine conversation from people who supposedly care about me. I’ve accepted that in the Facebook age, which I can’t participate in, writing on walls has replaced telephone calls. I used to think this was a drag. But living in midtown Manhattan, it’s fairly easy to find someone to talk to.

And frankly, as of late, I don’t really have much to say anyways. I’m merrily obsessed with my creative work and busy studying and learning at work. I think because I spent all of my 20’s and most of my 30’s in IMG_0043relationships, I felt briefly obligated to engage in some type of intimate relationship. That was until I got kicked in the guts enough times to walk away. I guess that’s what I’ve been doing now for the past month and change, walking away.

In any other environment, I might go mad. But I live in the center of madness, of 24-hour everything. It’s my saving grace. And besides, I have puppies.

So let’s toast New York City, puppies and deleting the un-required. When you always feel connected to everything, it’s just easier, somehow.

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