when who is watching

Namaste blah-g family

I’ve been back in the U.S.A for a hot second. Tahiti was beyond relaxing. I split my time between sun bathing, champagne sipping and speaking to the most beautiful man I have encountered – in various languages.

When I returned to my Manhattan abode, I deleted another round of social media profiles. It felt good, outside of this circle… I don’t really feel like talking to anyone.

Besides him, of course…

Love in every form has been my guiding light since birth. Whether it was the family love I needed to become independent; the perfections and heartbreaks that have sculpted so much of my creative expression; or the undying principle that – as a woman being me – there has to be a man I can belong to. There has to be another half. We’re all entitled to our personal perspectives on getting by during our time on Earth, that’s one of mine. I’ve always dreamt of him: he’s strong, he’s gentle, he’s kind, he’s loyal… and apparently, he’s a Luthier from Italy.

One of my opinions is that the most sacred elements are silent. So while my soul has been spilling from my fingers for nearly a month now – it’s hard to frame exactly what I have to say.

But between you and I, I am happier than I have been, ever, in this entire life.

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