Why bother?

I realize that my decision to plummet into poverty to follow my instinct seems far stretched  to a few non-believers. It makes me wonder about the different things that drive people. Some people are strictly money driven, some people are motivated by family

I think I’m driven by sanity, y’know? Maintaining some sort of acceptable balance that enables me to go through a day without wishing I was doing something else.

People have presented various theories to me about why I hit these ‘crazy’ points (like now). These theories include friendly phrases like ‘you need to grow up’. However, my favorite explanation for my perpetual discontentment that I tend to hear the most has to be ‘No one cares if you write. Lots of people write. Get a real job.’

And here is my response…


Note that I have posted a photo-reply since writing is such a huuuge waste of my time apparently!

Oh! and PS.

… see you in New York City!!

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