zombie flicking, work? and, naturally, poetry.

Dear blog family

I hope you dig today’s snapshots from the forthcoming zombie flick…

Job hunt continues and I’ve been shooting out many letters with phrasing along the lines of ‘Ummm… I’m pretty sure I’m important in Australia… or something… for example… uuuuuh… speech writer for Ministers and Premier… corporate hoop hopping heels wearer…’ etc.

Something’s gotta give soon mate.

After a day and night of frolicking I sat within a green wonderland of New England summer this afternoon with every intention of painting myself important in a new onslaught of cover letters to various joints likely to blow me off, it didn’t happen though…

You see… it was one of those days when the sun kisses your shoulders just right… the birds serenade you in ways you forgot you were waiting for… and mother nature flexes and bends in deliciously distracting poses that whisper, ‘Come on now… wouldn’t you like to just be yourself for say… five free moments? Surely you can get back to playing pretend soon enough…’

I had no choice but to take the advice.

I absorbed silence; inhaled all that is summer; and exhaled faith that what’s around the corner is creeping at me in quick, unseen ways simply because everything I am is projecting the invite of ‘There’s gotta be a way to get me in the city asap…’

And then I spent hours spilling love poetry – because that’s just how I get down… when I’m not writing scripts for gory flicks… or swinging from tree branches… and so forth.

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