365. in the thick.

Alright my cult of all things tasty. Yesterday’s video clip was post 365 on this bad boy. When you reside in¬†two¬†hemispheres as I do, flying all over does mysterious things. Somehow I gained an extra day in the year… and then there was the time I posted twice in one day over my book. So technically tomorrow brings us to a year of posts…

I’m saying.

Days are soaring. I am meeting incredible people, painting with words, stomping the sidewalks. Wednesday is the FIRST WRITERS’ NIGHT and I have been flicking brochures all over Queens and Manhattan for three days straight.

There are other ideas zooming in this head of mine as I make my way through fresh pages and get that buzzy feeling Writers get when we enter into a flow, a steady direction.

Granted my ‘direction’ is a destination-less journey of cartwheels and backflips… it’s putting words on pages every day like I haven’t in a bit. Novel-like words which I abandoned for a stint of screenplays, stories, and poetry. Didn’t see it coming, but having sooo much fun…

How lovely are days of feeling wonderful?

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