When I first learned to hold a writing instrument, I held one in each hand – right and left. My mother actually got called in to school because, “Gretchen should choose…”

This webpage started in 2009 as a daily “blah-g” used to track my progress toward becoming a self-sufficient, professional Writer in Manhattan – following a marriage breakdown after 8 years and close to a decade living in Australia, the closest place I’ve felt to home.

Over the years, the blah-g also became a world of written pieces, soul reflecting and love spreading. In 2016, early 2017 – I realized I needed a break. I also realized, as a sensitive creature – some syllables across these pages don’t need to be on repeat.

5 May 2017 I had the idea of re-releasing select posts – there are 1,458 I have to go through. I think revisiting these past years and creating a scrapbook will be inspiring. I look forward to fast-forwarding to now once I catch up with the reposts.

For those of you who have been here all of these years, the cult… the love tribe:  I’m doing well. Slinging ink back in Australia, 2020 style.

All of my bags are packed though… some things never change.

4 thoughts on “biography

  1. all waves writing ritual traditions roots routes abuse heal squeal with ecstasy recall recoil re-oil folded all in with all different waves ever new old both under the Sun run go have fun even those who could never conceive

  2. Jaysis Gretch! I leave you for a year and look what happens!!!! 🙂 Hope you’re well and 2013 is Cello Year

    1. 2012 is wrapping up wonderfully with your visit to this corner of mine 😀 All the best to you and yours Cathal!! Wonderful seeing you!

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