Five, six, pick up sticks

100_0808In order for me to earn my keep Mom said I had to pick up sticks… so yesterday was a day of stick picking, trying to un-jetlag myself, and chipmunk stalking.


After that was all said and done, believe it or not… I was writing!! What a way to spend an afternoon!

All  the while I thought to myself, surely this is the way it’s gotta go down? I mean… it feels natural. Every day passing makes me a bit nervous because it’s one day closer to where I’ll have to reconsider the evil world of ‘work’ from where I came. Maybe a Halloween fairy will fly out of a rotten stump somewhere and intervene?

In order to try to summon a Halloween creature to better my odds at his happening, Daddy took me to the store so I could play dress ups.

100_0791Hopefully this will appease some type of Halloween spirit. I also sent out some pumpkin love to any pixies possibly hiding there within…


10 years ago I packed a bag in the middle of the night, left a note, and bounced out to New York City where I lived for two years before packing my bags once again for an Australian holiday that I never returned from – I’ve been living down under ever since.

I’m tired of running away because I’m not happy. Writing makes me happy. I’m not leaving until I get something popping… otherwise I might end up running away to Cambodia… and I’ve already got enough passports.

6 thoughts on “Five, six, pick up sticks

  1. Nice pictures. Squirrels and pumpkins!

    Careful, though, you might summon a different sort of Halloween creature than you originally intended. With all those pumpkins, Stingy Jack might come along (yeah, okay, so turnips would be more accurate but nyar!).

  2. They’re chipmunks you Australian you!! 😉 Any Halloween creature that involves me not having to go work some bullshit gig that means not writng is sweet… Oi!!

  3. ha! right?? i think the things we yearn most to escape are what we always end up missing the most…

  4. Eat some hickory nuts!! I had some while I was “home” and thought of you :-). Mashing hickory nuts with rocks and consuming more dirt than nut is such a fond memory, lol.

  5. We were totally discussing that during stick-picking-up time!! Some of the best times growing up took place sitting in the driveway sucking dirt out of hickory nuts… lol!!

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