adjusting volumes of signs…

adjusting volumes of signs

he redefines. my dialect. i recite
characteristics. daily motions. covering
closing my… reach… just a little… further.
(do you know i wish on stars for you?)
he. senses. senseless. without.
when the world scratches. more than
amounts we are able to endure.
locked room song. shattered glass vow.
peace-less pieces. partitive tracking.
my unexpressed. affirmations. i promise
somehow. there is a way. betterment
becoming a value of no substance.
weighing stares. your numbness deflects
my heartbeat’s range. touching echos.
are you… i thought… because you’re beautiful.
he says. i should. stay. away. how can i
explain a side unseen. matching injuries.
trading scars. at the sight of end
we exchange. take what i can. trade.
wanting more. to give everything. for one
moment. second. to none.

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