admiring art and beauty

The Writers and I hit the town again tonight…

We went to an art exhibition. We captured certain seconds in the click of a frame. We visited a rooftop beer garden with city views.

We grinned at how beautiful life can be…

One of the most critical thing for any artist, I believe, is taking moments to appreciate how lovely life is. Artists do this unconsciously I think. Our favorite things infuse the back of our minds and linger until they spill from the ink in our pen.

I’ve been blessed to have lots of that occur over the past 48 hours.

The weekend has arrived and it is wonderful to have no obligation other than sorting words. With so many new, wonderful syllables fluttering at the end of my fingertips… I am eager to discover the way my dreams shape them.

It works the other way too, you know. I was working on my book earlier scribbling in some of the bendier clips tossed my way, things I haven’t been willing to face for a long time. I was amazed by how clear the recollections came when I was ready to click them out… positions I physically stood in… thoughts that went through my head.

I love being in the eye of inspiration. It makes me feel spoiled and reminds me what it’s all for…

Oh! And if you would like to further indulge in the amazing work of the PHENOMENAL artist we set out to see last night whose work is in the above photograph… do click here

2 thoughts on “admiring art and beauty

  1. hehe Darling, this needs to be linked to RB? I’m going to put a journal together too with some of my pics, what a great night it was and how wonderful to see Judith’s work…LOVE THIS…
    PS I don’t want to be a monster anymore don’t forget to tell me how to change that avatar LOL

    1. tee hee!! are you suuuure you don’t want to be a monster babe? maybe you need a few days to think about it 😉 i love you. you don’t have to keep being a monster… last night was utterly joyous. here’s to a million more… xoxox

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