48 hour phone-a-thon

I’ve been on the phone for the past two days. I had to get off at one point around 4am to check on the stars. That’s the great thing about having cult members all over the world. You get to have coffee, lunch, and dinner with people still at completely random times.

Midnight drinks at 3 in the afternoon…

And for two days I barely thought about writing at all. Only instead of running to New York City like usual… I had an international telethon. Voice over IP is the shiz… especially when there are so many cult members to interact with.

I’m not a huge Skype fan. People don’t need to see me wash the dishes and talk to them at the same time. I’m pro live ‘in-person’ interactions myself…

The plan for the next 24 hours is re-visit some work; entertain the puppies; play dress-ups with the girls for a dinner in the Valley; and whatever other entertaining activities jump forth.

Before we know it I’ll be on an airplane once again… to MELBOURNE!!

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