are they gonna pay you? (insert giggles)

Today is my mother’s birthday. Tomorrow I travel out to visit. I phoned her earlier to sing birthday songs. Part of our conversation sounded like this:

‘Have you started your job yet?’

‘No… but someone offered me a venue to host a spoken word night on Sundays.’

‘Are they going to pay you for that?’

… and then we both literally broke into fits of laughter. BWAHAHAHAA!!

So speaking of the night that I’m devising… IT’S REALLY EXCITING!

Early next week I meet with most talented designer Chris Gabriel of Trampish Designs to discus the webpage, brochures, and other pimping accessories to hike the fabulous factor of the evening.

I wrote this yesterday as soon as I woke up…


in a tropical fruit flavoured world. juice licked from uncertain fingers. like catching something sweet that way. layering years of lemons. shrivelling skin.

tales to mean nearly winning. flipping to come close. calling in the air. tumbling back down. gravity’s inevitable pull. return to hurt. captured in your palm.

i gasp. wrong reason strikes like purpose to invent. never making up. drought struck waves. bathing in salt to protect. from burning consecration. escape.

how does one. without understanding of two. remain part. cracked branch belief. becoming. part of next. why does loudness only visit. in the silence of my tears.

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