Post 312! You’re one of ‘those’?

I have been so off my face with jobs and books and running and ranting I didn’t even notice my 300th post straight come and go! Usually I make note when I flip a hundred… like here and here

It is unbelievable to me that I am literally writing you all from New York City, considering that when I started FollowMeToNYC I was sitting at a wooden table in Australia sobbing over my laptop saying, ‘This is bullshit. I have to get back to New York, I don’t know how. I’m just going to… and I’m going to start a page to track it… surely I can figure out to build a webpage.’

Now here I am with more content than yo mama, a page that looks as dodgy as ever, a stack of projects, and… most importantly… a CULT! I love my cult of readers, I want to make out with all of you… and feed you something chocolate.

Being back in New York City after so many years has taught me something very valuable about myself… I’m totally unhip. I’m like the ‘not cool’ Writer. And do you know WHY I am so uncool?


That’s right blog family. From what I hear, using social media to connect with people that relate to your work and make you feel like maybe, just maybe, you aren’t the isolated language maniac you were convinced of makes you very uncool.

PS. My current daily average number of pages read is 656… Having 656 pages of my words read a day is a lot more than zero … which is what my average was 313 days ago… Once I top 1000 and die of heart failure, I just want you all to know that although our connection did end up killing me… you actually saved my life…


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